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I have been very vocal that if I have been given the chance to travel the world; I would gladly pick Japan as my very first travel out of the county. I don’t know why, but the urge of going in Japan is really living up in my system. Japanese culture interests me and the places were also amazing. Some of the Japanese foods that I’ve got to taste were really delicious. Takoyaki is a must-try, although others didn’t really like it. I’ve tasted sushi but I just don’t like “raw” food at all. :D Ramen is a  “must-try” for me although I haven’t tasted it yet. Sake is very famous but still remains anonymous to me when it comes to taste.

So if ever I’ll be going to Japan, other than visiting Mount Fuji, food-hopping will be second to my “to-do” lists. :)

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